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Rocket Jump House

Drop the Clothespin Into a Bottle

Use an old Milk Bottle or Coffee can with a plastic lid (or something similar) to catch the clothespins. Make sure the size of the hole is appropriate for the age child. Decorate the can or bottle for theme parties!.

Bean Bag Toss

Use a large box - decorated with poster board to suit the party theme. Use the box as the base, and attach the decorated poster board to one side of it.. Cut holes for the bean bags to be tossed through. Designate a 﩮t or points毲 each hole. All the kids will have a lot of fun throwing bean bags for points to win a prize! Bean bags are easy to make and also make great party favors/gifts for the kids to keep!

Seaworld Dolphin Jump House

Balloon Jump House

Treasure Hunt

Scatter real coins, plastic coins or candy coins in the lawn or around the party area and let the kids hunt for them - the prize is in the find! Anpother Treasure hunt idea - Hide each child's party favor bag and then give that child a treasure map to assist them in finding it - it could be a simple map drawing for a young child, or a tricky little riddle for older children. You can also have a clue based hunt as a group for all of the children to try to solve the mytery of the treasure map - witha special gift for the one to solve the riddle or map.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Traditionally Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this game can be changed to fit any theme. Blindfolded children try to stick a paper 'tail' onto a poster of a donkey. OR- use a poster board with a picture or drawing of anything with something missing from it- such as a nose on a clown or a tail of another type of animal, the landing gear on an airplane, or the boat that should sit on a trailer. Remember include an outlined area  where the "tail" or item needs to be placed.

Fairy Tale Castle Jump house

Buddy Bounce A Lot

Musical chairs  

Line up back to back chairs, one less than the number of children playing.( Eg. If there are 10 players, place 9 chairs). The players move around the chairs while the music is playing.
As soon as the music stops they have to sit down on a empty chair as quickly as posible. The player left without a chair to sit on is out. Take away one chair each round. Repeat until you have only 2 players and 1 chair. The one to sit down first on the last chair is the winner. Give them a prize!

Apple Dunk or Bobbing for Apples!

You젮eed a large tub or plastic storage container for this one. Fill wtih water. Dump a bag of apples into the water - and then allow the kids to 宫ﲠ for the apples. Make this game even more of a challenge by placing a yellow apple amongst all red apples and the one to bob and get the yellow apple wins a special prize!

Rocket Jump House

Seaworld Dolphin Jump House


Best played outdoors with plenty of space! Tie a balloon to the left ankle of all the players. Turn on some music. The object of the game is to burst everyone elses  balloon without allowing yours to get burst! The last child with their ballon intact is the winner! Give them a great prize!

Simon Says! 

Have all the kids line up facing you - have a list premade of things to hae SIMON tell them to do and things that simon wont; tell them to do - they must ONLY do what SIMON SAYS to do.. Then try to trick them into doing things that you say to do without the SIMON SAYS preceding it! As the players make mistakes they are eleminated and the last remaining player is the winner! Ideas of things to tell the kids to do: Jump on one foot, hop backwards, jumpingjacks, hold their left leg up, etc.

Buddy Bounce A Lot

Princess Castle Jump House

Have the kids line up away from you and facing toward you. Give them plenty of room to run! Start the game by saying ⥥n light�he kids should race toward you as fast as they can! Then say 夠lightനe kids must STOP immediately - whoever keeps moving is eleminated. Repeat until the first child reaches you! Declare a winner and reward with a cool little gift!

Mystery Box!
You젮eed about 6-7 boxes aprox shoe box size, prepare them before the party starts. Cut a hole in the top or the end, big enough to put a childs hand in, decorate the boxes, then label them so you know which is which and place a different object in each box. Ideas of things to put in the boxes: cotton, packing material, small plush toys, playdough, marbles, sugar cubes, jello, dice, erasers, peanuts, etc
Blindfold all players, have them put their hand in the box one by one and guess what they are feeling - write down each players name and the guesses they give for each numbered box.

The one who guesses the most items correctly is the wnner!

Balloon Jump House



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